Hidden Object Picture Daycare

Client im Auftrag von: Sprachköchin
Medium: digital

The speech therapy company Sprachköchin asked for a fun, engaging hidden object picture depicting nouns, verbs and adjectives that include the sounds K and T in German. With a young kid in daycare, this picture almost drew itself. Almost ; ) These are printed in A3 on sturdy carton with a lot of hints on the backside of which words to look for.

Wimmelbild Kindergarten
Die Sprachtherapie-Material Firma Sprachköchin konzipierte A3 Wimmelbilder, welche ein jüngeres Publikum anregt, Verben, Nomen und Adjektive zu finden, die die Laute K und T enthalten. Da mein eigenes Kind grad frisch aus dem Kindergarten war, kamen die Ideen nur so geflogen. Auf der Rückseite des festen Kartons finden die Kinder Spielanleitungen und eine lange Liste an Worten, die man finden kann.

very detailed image of a daycare hiding lots of objects with the letters K and T in Germankids playing checkout at the grocers - one kid really doesn't want to leave the cart and is checked out, too.a group of kids at the crafting tablea muddy mess will lead to a bigger muddy messThe strongest daycare center worker playing tug of warthe attic ghost is grateful for their tea and biscuits a grown up yelling at their cellphone is mimicked by a kid

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