Annelie Gabriel deVue Kretzschmar

Contact: gab@gabrielarts.de

an avid imaginary world explorer and illustrator based near Nürnberg, Germany.

Photoshop · Indesign · Illustrator · Pencils · Ink · Watercolor · Linoprinting · Layout · Print Production · Keeping Deadlines · Storyboard · HTML · PHP (basic) · Fluent in German and English

Aufbau Verlag · Axe Faction Miniatures · Cardmasters · CeWe Color · Cryptarchy · Feder & Schwert Verlag · Gamemash.com · Imaga AS Hörspiel GmbH · JOKMOK event & promotion · Mephisto Magazine · mmocluster.com · Padworx digital media · Reunion Media · Rockstar Models · Schwarzer Turm Verlag · Takuma Software Design · Torsten Low Verlag · Upper Deck International · Van Canto (Napalm Records)

I studied communication design at the University of Applied Science in Potsdam and earned my degree (Diploma FH) in 2012.

I am very interested in projects that involve education and/or games – preferably both! I especially like to explore darker and/or historical themes.

Additional skills
Frequently, I work as a freelancer for bigger agencies. I had the pleasure to do a lot of design work on interfaces for museum terminals and apps.

Work for exposure
Unfortunately I have to turn down unpaid work. I am happy to negotiate prices if a project is very interesting and the budget would not cover my usual rates.

1 Husband, 1 kid, 2 cats, 5 alive houseplants and I suspect a marten in the attic.

Current personal projects:
www.gabrielsmonsterbook.net – imaginary case diary of a monster hunter
www.twistedcomic.net – bilangual webcomic about four murderous women

Additional links:
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Annelie Kretzschmar aka Gabriel deVue creates custom illustrations and graphic design. She specializes in vibrant color and bringing imaginary worlds to life!